Luis Suárez’s first training with FC Barcelona

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Lio and Neymar being shady
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I want to see you smile again

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Football alphabet: Rafinha Alcântara.

The young maestro was born on the 12th of February 1993, in São Paulo, Brazil. Joining La Masia, FC Barcelona’s famed youth academy at the age of 13, this was the first step of many in his footballing career. Rafinha could have claimed Spanish nationality like his older brother, Thiago Alcântara, but he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, Mazinho the 1994 World Cup winner and chose Brazil.

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keep your friends close and your miroslav klose

That joke is Lahm

You’re right. Schurrle I could have thought up a better joke…

lol You guys are so Durm

We gotze to find a new hobby…

these jokes are so Low I can’t even…

We’ve got to find something Neuer to talk about

Guys i think we have Kross the line

Footballers and their old ‘selves’

this is amazing


Puyol, Vanesa and Manuela in vacations :3

Training session 14.08.15.

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From the first moment I saw him play, I knew he would become the brain behind Barcelona for many years to come.

- Pep Guardiola

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Baes: Fernando Torres

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The passion of a Culé


"For Barça I will cry
For Barça I will fall
We are the best
Among of them all

Culé until the end
No matter win, lose or tie
My soul is with them
And for Barça I will die

My heart I will give
To the best club of the earth
I know we are the best
Of the entire universe

We are a family
And together we stand
We will support Barça
From birth until the end

We will not doubt
Not even for a while
Because being a Culé
Is a lifestyle”

a poem by me


Luis Suarez in training session 15/8

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